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Infrastructure Investments for Africa

EWIA drives mobile network coverage in Africa. We finance and set up mobile phone masts and equip them with solar energy supply.

Africa – the Mobile Continent

Smartphone or mobile phone are the backbone of economic development in Africa. They are used by people for banking, sending money instantly, paying electricity, water and other bills, paying for prepaid services, but also paying at the checkout when shopping. Even lending is mobile these days.

Only 0.4 percent of Africa's population uses fixed broadband, with the vast majority using mobile broadband. Around two thirds of the 1.2 billion people use mobile phones.


In remote areas in particular, there is often only patchy network coverage. What the continent needs is the rapid expansion of cell towers. Access to fast mobile connections is a crucial factor. EWIA Infrastructure Ltd. is now well established in the Ghana market, has the necessary certifications and is one of the accredited companies that build mobile phone masts and equip them with solar solutions. For institutional investors, we offer the possibility of investments in the context of pre-financing mobile phone projects.

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"We want to be on the growth continent of Africa to grow locally with the society".

- Timo Schäfer

EWIA Infrastructure Ltd. –
Partner for Infrastructure Projects

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Telecommunication Tower

The telecom industry in Ghana has contributed significantly to the growth of Ghana's economy in recent years. Currently in Ghana more than 6,600 transmission towers are being built or upgraded (revitalized) with solar solutions due to the rising cost of grid power and diesel.


EWIA erects and builds complete mobile phone masts and infrastructure measures according to the specifications of engineering offices and operators of mobile phone masts. EWIA provides materials and labour, and undertakes assembly, supplies, groundwork, concrete work and steel work.


We plan and install photovoltaic systems for the operation of existing and new towers.

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